Created in 2001, Hmong Education & Resources Today (HE&RT) is a non-profit organization started by a small group of concerned professionals and community members in St. Paul, MN.  HE&RT's purpose is to bring the community and its businesses to work together, despite any language barriers, and to utilize and share the same resources in hopes to educate and better the community. 


Through long hours of volunteered time and efforts, these aspiring individuals started up the annual Hmong Resource Fair. The Hmong Resource Fair (HRF) works to provide resources and opportunities to the Hmong community, professional community, both public and private organizations, its business partners and stakeholders.  Through its annual network and connection of nearly 200 business partners and supporters, the Hmong Resource Fair reaches thousands of Hmong and minorities in Minnesota and throughout the nation.  To achieve its mission, Hmong Resource Fair conducts surveys from the community and gathers those necessary resources to provide to the community. 


Through our nineteen years, HE&RT has also expanded into sponsoring other community events such as "Hmong MN Day at the State Fair". 



HE&RT is a non-profit and non-partisan organization.